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Comment like & care Facebook

Comment like & care Facebook

12/25/2018 11:30:48 AM
FPlusScheduler help you comment, like & care your facebook. You can setup like, comment, add friend…, and rerun.
With new account (1-2 weeks):
  • Add nick to the brower extension Get Cookie For FPlus.
  • Set up like 1-3 posts + confirm friends in 1-2 weeks.
With normal accounts or after 1-2 well:
  • Like friends status: every day 5 likes with time delays: 200-300s.
  • Like group posts: every day 5 like random with time delays 200-300s.
  • Comment on post in group: every day 1-3 comment.
  • Send friend requests <100 people (new nick friends with uid is very easy to be chekcedpoint).
  • Post on your wall: 1-3 posts daily.
FPlusScheduler > Comment like & Care facebook
Step 1: Add account.
  • Enter cookie.
  • Enter token.
  • User|pass|cookie|token.
  • Or enter username – password.
  • Click “Add list account”.

Step 2: Config care daily.
  • Tick to like, comment friends, group facebook. (You should like, comments from 3-5 friends give 1 facebook in 1 day for new facebook nick).

Like, comment post by type & feeling of FPlus Scheduler.

Click select like reaction, comment.

Enter contents of comment and you can select comment by sticker.

  • Setup friends on facebook. (For new facebook nick, you should only like, comment, confirm friends from 3-5 people in 1 day).

  • Setup join group on facebook.
  • Setup accept friends and invite friends in groups.

Step 3: Set up the post.
  • Enter contents of posts.
  • Selections of posts: post status, post photos, post link & posts…
  • Click “Add”.

  • Setup get post from page ID, UID.

Step 4: Setup config care daily.
  • Send message.
  • Happy birthday friends.

  • Like by page id, new feed on page Id.
  • Invite friend like page.

Step 5: Setup comment like & care facebook.
  • Tick to using cookie.
  • Tick to reset DCom & HMA.
  • Tick to rerun and select time.

Step 6: Select account.
  • Setting time.
  • Click “Save & start”.