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FPLUS Features

Facebook message to group

Automatic postings, images Website link up the entire group, on the walls friends.

Share article

AutoShare all signed, photo album, video, event, webiste link ... on the entire group, the walls friends.

Published on Pages

Automatic posting and sharing articles on the list page by keyword or ID found from the graph search.

Send a message

Automatically send messages to all members of the group.

Automatically post to head up comments

Automatic comment and post to head up the group.

Avoid block

The software automatically stop when warned of Facebook spam.

Search Graph Search

Search for target customers in a variety of conditions UID output to spam messages.

Search Page and Group

Search page and contain your target group have a member like page or group.

Spam comment on articles in Pages & Groups

Spam comments with pictures or links to new articles published in the pages or groups.


Find groups by keyword and automatically join the group found.

Invite to Group

Automatically invite a friend to all of your team.

Automatically send a friend invitation

Automatically send a friend invitation series suggested by facebook.

Style switcher

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