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Requires .NET 4.0: Download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

Install with winxp IE8, IE9 or IE11 with win7: Download IE8 , IE9 Download

Fix stop running script: Mediafire Link

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Installation instructions:

Step 1: Install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 if not already. Reset your computer after the installation completes.

Step 2: Install FPlus FPlus_Vx.x.exe file by running the downloaded file.


Facebook message to group

Share articles, photos, album, video, page, event ...
Facebook directly emulates multiple photos
Facebook directly emulates website link, link posts facebook
Facebook directly emulates status
Facebook API image
Facebook API website link
Facebook API status


Share articles, photos, album, video, page, event on the walls friends
Backup photos friends reached the checkpoint image (Tab sign wall Friends)
Disconnect your series (Tab sign wall Friends)
Make friends from file uid or suggestions facebook
Cancellation requests you have sent
Automatic validation friends
EM email scanning from the forum website
EM email scanning from page


Share articles, photos, albums, videos ... on the other page
Facebook directly emulates multiple photos to other page
Facebook directly simulator status, website links, links to articles facebook page
Facebook API pictures, status, links to websites other page
Invite all your friends like page


Automatic comment posted up news
Automatic comment accompanying photos on the other page's post
Automatic comment accompanying photos on the post in the group
Tag membership group on post

Send a message

Send a message attached image file uid
Send your friends list 1 uid
Send a list of people like or comment on posts
Send a group member list


Request joins from uid, Keyword
Joins with the larger number of members x
Support for joining the group, invite your nick in the Ad Group
Automatic left the group has less members
Block of group admins

Invite to Group

Invite one or more friends to all your group
Invite all your friends in your group 1
Invite friends to join event

Search Graph Search

Search uid target customers in a variety of conditions such as residence, gender, age, marriage, seen the movie, read a book, have like, a member of the group, came, you shared, are doing, graduated...
Find UID who like page
Find ID group has a larger number of members x
Find ID group and advanced page

Find UID

Find uid friends 1 someone
Find uid members
Find uid who like article
Find uid who has commented articles
Find uid who has commented links
Search page id, group Keyword
Scans email from uid SĐT found
EM email scanning from page