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Post group using tab on facebook - FPlus

Post group using tab on facebook - FPlus

12/20/2018 3:46:37 PM
FPlus help you post in groups on facebook by using tab.
FPlus > Using tab > Post group
Step 1: Login account.
  • Enter cookie.
  • Enter user|pass.
  • Enter user|pass|cookie|token.
  • Or enter user – pass.
  • Click “Add”.

  • Click “Tab” to open new tab.
  • Click account to login using tab.

Step 2: Loads group on facebook.
  • Click “Load groups” to load groups facebook.
  • Click “Members” to load members of groups.
  • Select group want post in list groups on facebook.

Filter group on list group facebook:
  • Enter keyword to filter.
  • Select members of groups.
  • Click “Filter”.

Step 3: Enter informations.
  • Enter contents of posts.
  • Selections of posts.

Share post : Enter Id or link posts facebook (status, video, image, album, link….)

Simulator website link & post facebook:
  • Enter link web or facebook post.
  • Enter title, link image, description.

Simulator photo & status:
  • Tick to post images: Click to select images to post.
  • Tick to post status: Enter contents of posts.

Sell groups:
  • Enter to select images products to post groups.
  • Enter product name, location, price.

API images & status:
  • Tick to post image: Click to select photo to posts.
  • Tick to post status: Enter contents of status.

API links:
  • Enter link web or link facebook posts.
  • Enter title, link images, caption, description.

Step 4: Setting of post.
  • Tick to save post.
  • Tick to open list posts saved.

  • Tick to post many posts in list: Click to select post.
  • Tick to post a saved post.
  • Tick to post random in list.

Step 5: Setting post group using tab.
  • Tick to break group can not share livestream.
  • Tick to ignore approve group.
  • Tick to post by page.
  • Tick to post random group.

Step 6: Setting time and click “Start”.