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General view facebook - FPlus

General view facebook - FPlus

11/26/2018 2:11:28 PM
FPlus help you post photos, general video to group you’ve join on facebook. Friends in the group will receive notifications, invitations to general video in this group.
FPlus > Post group
Step 1: Load group want post general view facebook.
  • Click to load groups on facebook.
  • Open group from file.

  • Filter group by keyword.

Step 2: Enter contents of post and video view.
  • Enter the contents of posts.
  • Tick and enter link video to see generic in group.

  • Save video in list post saved.

  • Scheduler to see the general video in the group.


Step 3: Settings to view general video in group.

Step 4: Setting time delays and click “Start”.